Our Investment Portfolio.

Our Current Porfolio

Asset Under Management (AUM):
N10million ($26,315)

Hectares of Farm Land:
40 hectares


Gross Volume Traded (2019):
N8.8million ($23,421)

Investment/Business Strategy:

We adopt a Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) strategy in managing our investment portfolio. Our portfolio is split three (3) ways on a 50:30:20 ratio thus;

AgriBusiness (Farming):
We utilize 50% of our contributed funds in carrying out our agribusiness farming activities. Our annual production goal; is to produce between 500 - 1000 tonnes of agricultural produce.

We currently farm Maize/Corn in commercial quantity. We started with a 2 hectare Maize/Corn Farm in 2019, we are currently expanding that to 40 hectares of Maize/Corn Farm and looking to expand to 100 hectares in the next 18 months with your support as an investment contributor.

Commodity & Asset Trade:
We commit 30% of our contributed funds to trading (buying & selling) agricutural commodity, cash asset, real estate and fast moving consumer goods (FMCGs). We leverage eCommerce stores to sell the Fast Moving Cosumer Goods (FMCGs), trade cash assets to stay liquid in case of emergencies and leverage our real estate assets for debt funding (where necessary).

Micro Finance Services (Lending):
To facilitate increased production capacity and create more employment opportunities through agriculture, we lend out 20% of our contributed fund as Mirco Loans to Farmers, traders and small business oweners in clusters of 50 - 100 persons at 2% interest monthly to help them grow crop production output, trade and supply orders.

For Questions and Enquiries, please send us an email to:

business@subaonline.org or Call/WhatsApp: