Every small and growing business needs the right data and strategies to GROW. That is why at SUBA Capital, we offer the best of business solutions to small and growing businesses to facilitate growth especially in their revenue/income bottom line. Our business solution services include but not limited to;

1. Research and Content Development (Starting at ₦35,000/content)

2. Business Diagnosis (Starting at ₦40,000/session)

3. Market Survey and Analysis (Starting at ₦150,000)

4. Executive Presence & People Management (Starting at ₦50,000/month)

5. Project Management (Starts at 40% of Project Budget)

6. Strategic Planning & Execution Coaching (Starting at ₦40,000/session)

7. Business Development – Feasibility Study, Business Plan, Business Profile, Basic Accounting, etc (Starting at ₦35,000/request)

8. Business Process Development, Management & Automation (Starting at ₦150,000)

9. Public Speaking & Presentation (Starting at ₦40,000/session)

10. General Business Consultancy (Starting at ₦150,000)

To hire us for any of the above services please send us an email to: or Call/WhatsApp: