About us
SUBA Capital is an agrifinance company that leverages technology and cooperative crowdfunding to farm, produce and sell agricultural commodities in commercial quantities to industrial food processors.

As Africa's fast rising microfinance institution; we provide profitable savings and investment opportunities in agriculture to our contributors. Our portfolio cuts across agricultural bio asset (farms), micro finance services, commodity trade, supply chain management, and advisory services. With these, we are poised to deliver value in capital growth to you; our savings and investment contributors.

We offer profitable microfinance services to average and low-income earners. We offer thrift savings, micro investment and microcredit services to employees, traders, and small farm holders. We commit 60% of the contributed funds to our agribusiness value chain and 40% to contributor microcredit.

Our Story

In 2014, StartUp Business Africa (SUBA), started out as a digital business community.
In 2017, SUBA got her license to operate a Thrift & Credit Cooperative under the name; SUBA Thrift & Credit Cooperative Society Limited. With the license, SUBA started to receive thrift savings and investment contributions to carry on business in agriculture, trade, and more...
In 2019, SUBA Cooperative Limited affiliates with Association of Non-Bank Microfinance Institutions (ANMFI) to become a recognised microfinance institution,
In 2020, SUBA registers as a limited liability company with Corporate Affairs Commmission (CAC) under the name "SUBA Capital & Business Solutions Limited".

Our Solution is...

Providing you with the opportunity to grow your contributed capital at ease through its investment in our agricultural value chain. Your capital grows by up to 20% per annum as a Thrift Saver and up to 40% per annum as an Investment Contributor.

Small farm holders, traders, and small business owners, can raise between N50,000 - N500,000 capital with ease at SUBA Capital at just 2% monthly interest.

Our Vision:

To be Africa's foremost microfinance institution.

Our Mission:

To facilitate wealth growth through profitable opportunities in agriculture.

Our Objective:

To be the capital growth partner of choice, for individuals and business owners.

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Our Goals:

As a United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) compliant company, our goals are to;

goal 1

Alleviate Poverty by learning and evaluating what helps people move out of poverty faster.

Improving the quality of life of the average and low-income earner by providing access to financial and support services through agriculture.

goal 2

Improve Food Security through the our investment in agriculture and developing sustainable communities as a viable means to solve the problem of hunger.

Creating opportunities for self-employment for the underprivileged.

goal 8

Create Jobs by equiping the average and low income earners with skills that enable them, harness resources and create wealth.

Mobilizing resources to empower low and average income earners to create more and reduce poverty.

Our Process:

For Our Contributors:
SUBA Capital provides a secure automated platform for interested persons to contribute towards our agriculture and microfinance business in return for profit on contributed capital amount.

As a contributor, you can track your contributions, and interest growth via a secured dashboard on you mobile phone or computer device. You would also get regular updates by email and text messages on the progress of our business.

Contributors can schedule farm visits to inspect and see how our farms and farm workers are doing.

Use of Contributed Funds:
We use 50% - 60% of contributed funds to secure farm land lease, engage farm workers, plant seeds, insure the farm and crops, complete the gestation period and cover the cost of logistics to sell the harvest. We also trade (buy & Sell) agriculture produce, invest in cash assets with 20% of the funds, as well as lend 20% - 30% of the contributed funds to small farm holders, traders and small business owners.

Interest & Returns on Investments:
Our secured automated cooperative-banking system computes your interest and returns on investment monhtly. However, contributors can only initiate a withdrawal request for return on investment (ROI) upon maturity of the choosen plan (at the end of the contribution plan) for both Thrift Savings and Investment Contributors.

Our Supply Chain Management Strategy:
First we crowdsource our funds through our cooperative society, then we make inputs in farm land lease, improved seeds purchase and planting, deploy mechanized tools and modern farming techniques with the help of our farm management team to produce a bumper harvest ready for sale.

We source and engage ready buyers (off takers) even before the maturity and harvest of the crops so as to meet up with our interest and return on investment (ROI) payout obligations.

We source and engage ready buyers (off takers) even before the maturity and harvest of the crops so as to meet up with our interest and return on investment (ROI) payout obligations.

Why You Should Choose Us...:
i. We own and control 60%+ of our bio assets. This means we own our own farm and produce our own crops. This reduces all forms of operational risk associated with the agriculture process.

ii. We operate a hybrid business model - agribusiness and microfinance service.

iii. We have the best hands when it comes to technical know how.

iv. We have and operate walk in centres in major cities and mobile banking agents in your neigbourhood where and whom you could easily walk to, ask questions and hold them responsible where necessary.

v. Because we are simply the best choice in the market when itt comes to capital growth through agribusiness. Else our contributors wont be growing so fast. So what are you waiting for?


Licences & Insurance:

This "platform" - www.subaonline.org is operated and managed by SUBA Thrift & Credit Cooperative Society Limited (LN: 00113687) - the microfinance arm of SUBA Capital & Business Solutions Ltd (RC: 1667690).

SUBA Cooperative Ltd is a licensed cooperative society by the Federal Directorate of Cooperatives under the Nigerian Cooperative Act (2004) trading under the brand name; "SUBA Capital".

SUBA Cooperative Ltd is registered and licensed microfinance institution with the Association of Non-Bank Microfinance Institutions (ANMFI) for Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

SUBA Cooperative Ltd is registered with Credit of Bureau of Nigeria and the Special Control Unit Against Money Laundry (SCMUL) awaiting its certificate.

We are Insured by: