About us.

SUBA Capital is an agribusiness microfinance institution that leverages technology to crowdsource funds to farm, produce and sell agricultural produce in commercial quantities to industrial food processors.

We offer thrift savngs, micro investment and micro loan credit services to employees, traders, and small farm holders (growers) as working capital (farm labour) to boost agricultural food production to meet the ever increasing market demand.

As Africa's fast rising agribusiness microfinance institution; we provide profitable investment opportunities in agriculture to our contributors. Our Thrift Savings and Investment Contribution plans helps you grow your capital with ease through it's investment in agriculture.

With our investment portfolio cutting across agricultural bio asset, micro finance services, commodity trade, supply chain management, real estate, and business development, we are poised to deliver you with value in capital growth as our savings and investment contributor.

Our Vision:

To be Africa's foremost agribusiness microfinance institution.

Our Mission:

To facilitate wealth growth through profitable opportunities in agriculture.

Our Objective:

To be the capital growth partner of choice, for individuals and business owners.

Start growing your capital.

Maize/Corn Farm Investment [OPEN]

Grow your CAPITAL by 40% per annum through Agriculture starting at N50,000/Unit

Thrift Savings

Grow your CAPITAL by 20% per annum on your Thrift Savings starting at N2000 weekly or N5000 monthly...

SUBA Agent Network

Grow your Business as a SUBA CAPITAL Agent earning N25,000 - N50,000 monthly in commissions...